One of the most challenging managerial moments is the corrective action process.  Responsibility-Focused Leadership simplifies this issue by providing managers with a consistent and effective method of communication that can help diffuse tension, reduce conflict, encourage responsibility and ultimately increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover organization wide. 


Why Responsibility Focused Leadership?

We all recognize them.  The employees we label as “problem employees”.  They complain, resist, challenge, or display some other negative behavior at work.  The ripple effect of their attitudes and reactions to their coworkers and customers are many:  increased anxiety, lower morale, higher turnover, lower productivity, resentment, blame and anger are some of the negative outcomes you might observe in people who must interact with them.

Your organization’s success is dependent upon teamwork, good retention rates, high productivity and morale.  You cannot afford to let negative, difficult employees set the course for your future.

Many training programs focused on dealing with difficult employees will emphasize what you, the manager, need to do.  Your behavior, responses, actions.  Professionals will advise YOU, as the manager, to take action that will “turn around” problem employees.

While your responses and reactions are important when dealing with problem employees, Responsibility-Focused Leadership is a different approach to managing difficult employees.  This program helps you as the leader see how you can shift responsibility for negative or inappropriate behavior back to the employee who displays that behavior.

Confronting problem employees takes on a new perspective with Responsibility-Focused Leadership.  We’ll teach you how to help your problem employees take responsibility for their success and improved behavior.