Leadership, communication and culture are three important factors in determining the success or failure of any organization.  Responsibility Focused Leadership is designed to address and enhance all three.  Developed over the past 16 years, this program helps:


- managers and leaders of all levels learn to lead through the challenging moments that have the ability to affect an organization on a daily basis.


- establish a pattern of consistent, effective communication across the organization that will help increase productivity and employee satisfaction.


- increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover and absenteeism for the organization as a whole.


When supervisors are not masters of the challenging moment with a difficult employee, problems often escalate, resulting in employee frustration, decreased staff morale and the need to involve higher management.  Ultimately, this may result in a  higher turnover and expense for the company.


Leaders are finding these methods for handling conflict, bad behavior and difficult employees to be empowering.


What is Responsibility Focused Leadership? 


Facing disciplinary conflicts and challenging moments with students is hard enough, but not knowing what to do is particularly stressful. Responsibility Focused Leadership represents an unprecedented paradigm shift in the area of organizational/business leadership. It provides a step-by-step plan for making a long-term, positive difference in any organization that will make employees, managers, and employees less stressed and more empowered.


Responsibility Focused Leadership provides training for business leaders to help them transform their organization into a more responsibility-centered workplace.  RFL helps the organization recognize six components that must be in place to help employees perform at their own highest potential and take responsibility for their reactions, performance, and growth.


CLEAR EXPECTATIONS:  Through a process of building your company's "Foundations", expectations are clearly defined and become a part of ongoing conversations with employees.


EMOTIONAL CONTROL:  Give 'em Five is used to teach all leaders how to use the five themes of a guided conversation to give them the skills for the challenging moments.


CONSISTENCY:  Leaders will learn how to recognize the three levels of compliance and how to consistently work through each level during challenging moments.


BENEFIT FOR CHANGE:  Leaders will learn to frame every conversation regarding performance improvement by relating it directly to the benefit of the employee.


LEADING THE MOMENT:  Leaders learn how to maintain and strengthen their leadership role when sharing decisions with employees.


RESPONSE-ABILITY: Leaders will learn how to build an organization where responsibility shifts back to the employee and they play the major role in solving the problem they created. 


RFL identifies three Compliance Levels that will help determine an appropriate response when working with a challenging employee or customer. 



As intensity levels escalate, supervisors can easily become angry and lose control of the situation.  Supervisors who are masters of these challenging moments are able to shift ownership back to the employee and the workplace can move toward a culture of increased responsibility.